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Ministry Tools To Help Equip The Body of Christ

Share The Word Ministries presents:

Print Your Own Books / Basic Christian Studies / Evangelism Project

These books make excellent text books for homeschoolers and Sunday School or Bible Studies

Author: Calvin Wayne Wright, MDIV Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.

This Project consists of 5 small booklets that have been put on CD's, so that anyone can print and give away as many copies as they wish for just the cost of paper and ink. Many have told us that these books contain the best presentation of the gospel they have ever seen in print. The Five Booklets Are:

1. Eternal Life In Jesus Christ

2. Jesus Claimed To Be God

3. Jesus Is The Messiah

4. The Homosexual And The Gospel

5. Scientific Evidences (Proof) That Jesus Christ Raised From The Dead

In addition to presenting the gospel, The Homosexual And The Gospel is an excellent educational tool for Christians. It is especially important for Christian young people who are constantly bombarded with the world's view of homosexuality.

We believe that God is raising up an army of people who will print and give away 50 books per month to help saturate our society with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

When 1,000 people are printing and giving away just 50 books per month, and each book is read by just two people, 100,000 people per month will be coming to an understanding of the gospel. That equals One Million, Two Hundred Thousand per year. When 10,000 people are printing and giving away 50 books per month, Twelve Million people per year will be coming to an understanding of the gospel!

The books can be put in a plastic bag and left on the front door of homes or apartments. Plastic bag door-hangers can be purchased from "ULINE," 1-800-295-5510, model No. S-2176, $20 per 1,000 at last order

Or the books can be left in public places like:

* Hospital Waiting Rooms
* Truck Stops
* Laundromats
* Public Schools
* Retirement Centers
* Nursing Homes
* Prisons or Jails

We cannot wait for people to come to our churches or our organization's meetings. We must take the gospel to them.

Would you prayerfully consider being a part of this army?

Makes sharing your faith easier than ever!

This project allows you to print the most effective presentations of the Gospel in booklet form for just the cost of paper and ink!

The vast majority of people will never go to any church.

This project makes the Gospel available to these people "in their world."

These booklets have been placed on CDs that can be used on any computer to print unlimited numbers of copies.

Now any Christian can have a ministry of evangelism! This is the tool for evangelism for which most Christians have been looking.