A Presentation Of The Shroud Of Turin,

Scientific Evidence That Jesus Raised From The Dead

Evangelism Project # 6

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1. The first thing you need is a good video or DVD explaining the scientific evidence discovered from the Shroud of Turin from over 150,000 hours of investigation by the team of 28 scientists, known as "The Shroud of Turin Research Project". There are many videos and DVD's or the Shroud. If you take advantage of the SPECIAL OFER mentioned below, we will provide FREE the DVD that I consider the best one made thus far. The information you will learn from this DVD is nothing short of AMAZING!

2. The second thing we recommend is that you provide a copy of our books, Scientific Evidence That Jesus Raised From The Dead, and Eternal Life In Jesus Christ to everyone who views the DVD.

SPECIAL OFFER: You may purchase both PRINT YOUR OWN BOOKS CD'sof these two books for $75.00 and we will give you FREE the above mentioned DVD ! A $100 value for $75.00 (includes Free Shipping). With these PYOB CD's, you can print as many books as you wish from your computer/printer for just the cost of paper and ink. For Pruchasing Information Click Here

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