Hi-Tech Evangelism: PRINT YOUR OWN BOOKS, Evangelism Project

Something New To Make Sharing YourFaith Easier Than Ever!

In Matthew 13: 19 Jesus said, "When anyone hears the word of the kingdom, and does not understand it, then the wicked one comes and snatches away what was sown in his heart."

God used this verse to impress upon Wayne Wright the need to share the gospel in a clear, complete, and understandable manner. Wayne had graduated from Baylor University with a degree in Religion, and graduated from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary with a Master of Divinity degree. He was now ministering to college and university students.

In the context of dorm Bible studies and personal evangelism, Wayne began to seek God concerning the most effective way to communicate the gospel. It seems that the average university student did not even know John 3: 16. Wayne began by writing Bible studies and presentations of the gospel that ultimately took the form of small books. The effectiveness of these books has been tremendous! The books are long enough to be complete enough that anyone who reads them will most definitely understand the gospel. And they are short enough to be very "readable."

Wayne has placed thousands of these books in public places, (laundromats,motels, nursing homes, etc.) with a note that says "FREE, TAKE ONE." One day he received a letter from a lady in California. She was writing to say that one of Wayne's books had fallen into her hands. She had been reared in a formal church with a lot of ritual and had never understood the gospel of salvation by faith. Through Wayne's book she and her husband received Christ as their personal Savior, and then took their six children through the book. Each of them were born again as well.

Many people have told Wayne that his books are the most helpful tools they have ever found to share the gospel.

In an attempt to make the books available to others, Wayne had them placed in bookstores. But there was a problem: The books had to sell for $3 or $4 each. At that price Wayne knew that the books could not be used on a large scale. He began to pray, "Lord, show me how these books can be made available to churches and individuals so that "cost" is not a hindrance. Surely there is a way."

And there is! God gave Wayne the idea of putting each book on a computer CD, which can be purchased for the same as buying just a few of the books. The CD can be used to print thousands of books for just the cost of paper and ink!

We Must Make The Gospel Available To Non-Christians "In Their World."

The vast majority of people will never come inside our churches. We must take the gospel to them. We must not wait for people to come to us to hear the gospel. The greatest need in the church today is for a plan that will involve the average Christian in a "grass roots" outreach to our society. We need to be aggressive without being offensive. The PRINT YOUR OWN BOOKS,Evangelism Project meets this need! It is SIMPLE, NON-OFFENSIVE, INEXPENSIVE & EFFECTIVE.

What To Do: Establish "Teams" To Reach "Target Areas."

A Team will consist of a small group o fpeople with at least one computer/printer. The team will meet to print,collate, staple, fold and deliver the books to its Target Area. A Target Area can be a school or a particular grade, an apartment complex, a neighborhood (you can put a book into a plastic bag and leave them on the front door), hospital waiting rooms, retirement centers, nursing homes, etc. The emphasis needs to be on getting these books into the hands of those who do not attend church.The Five Booklets Are:

1. Eternal Life In Jesus Christ

2. Jesus Claimed To Be God

3. Jesus Is The Messiah

4. The Homosexual And The Gospel

5.Scientific Evidence That Jesus Christ Raised From The Dead

The Project Has Tremendous Potential!

When 1,000 people are printing and giving away just 50 books per month and each book is read by an average of 2 people- there will be 100,000 people per month that will be coming to an understanding of the gospel. That results in 1,200,000 reached with the gospel every year! When there are 10,000 people giving away 50 per month, that will equal 12,000,000 people per year being reached with the gospel!


This project in endorsed by:

Dr. Michael Thompson, Professor,Golden Gate Baptist Seminary.

Dr. Jimmy Draper, Past President of the Southern Baptist Convention.

Adam Hall, Director, Baptist Student Ministries, Martin, TN.

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