Moral Purity Seminar

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This Seminar contains timeless Biblical truths that are relevant to every generation. Used by many churches of many denominations across America. Also used by Christian schools and individual families. Originally made for college and university students and adults. Also used by many Youth groups and Christian schools.

The Seminar was developed while Wayne was a campus minister to college and University students during 1970 - 1978. It was published and copyrighted in 1979 under the title Singles Seminar. Since these sessions were recorded, Wayne says that he has become even more convinced that "dating" is a product of Western culture and is not a proper activity to "search" for a marriage partner. There is a proper time and place for "courtship" as Wayne discusses in the seminar

Some Of The Topics Covered:

• 9 Cautions Concerning Romantic Love • 13 Consequences Of Lust • The Development Of A Good Conscience • 8 Steps To Moral Purity • The Source And Nature Of Temptation • The Bible And Homosexualiy • Victory Over Temptation • Dating And Western Culture • 8 Basic Decisions Concerning marriage • Freedom From Lonliness • Morality And Culture • An Attitude Essential For Happiness

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The 'Workbook: The Workbook has 140 pages of notes, consisting of a complete outline, special quotes, illustrations, and over 300 Scriptures written out. The Workbook has proved to be one of the most valuable aspects of the Seminar. The outline in the Workbook is written with a few key words left blank to be filled in while listening to the lectures. When one has finished going through the Seminar, he has a complete set of notes and scriptures that pertain to one of the most important areas of his life. We highly recommend that every person have his/her own Workbook while going through the Seminar.

Greg Harris: Chistian Life Workshops (for Homeschool families):

" Wayne Wright's seminar is an excellellt way to prepare your teen for the adventures of singlehood, courtship, and marriage. Building on compelling insights from God's Word, Wayne presents truths that will lay a moral foundation for a lifetime. " Written in 1975.

Sam Garcia: Artist and friend, Pearland, Texas:

"I was a student in Jr. College in Illinois when Wayne first taught this Seminar. Since then I have heard many teachers teach on this subject. Wayne's is the best I have ever heard! Over the past 30 years I have listened to his Seminar many times, and learn something new every time. The Workbook makes the Seminar twice as valuable. "

Ken & Bea Sprouse: Owners of Edmond Christian Academy, Edmond, Oklahoma.

"When our daughter was a High School student at Edmond Christian Academy, we used Wayne's Seminar to underscore the Biblical principles of moral purity and trusting God for marriage that we were teaching her. We have made the Seminar a part of our curriculum many times over the past 15 years. Our students have loved it"

  • Workbook to be filled out while Listening to 18 lectures on an MP3 CD.

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  • The first session free, there is no Workbook section in first session. Each individual session from 2 through 18 download in a zip file which contains both a MP3 audio file and a PDF file with the Workbook section on that session.

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1. Personal Testimony (49 Minutes) no Workbook section

2. Nine Cautions Concerning Romantic Love, part 1 (44 Minutes)

3. Nine Cautions Concerning Romantic Love, part 2 (32 Minutes)

4. Morality and Culture (40 Minutes)

5. Marriage And Basic Drives (42 Minutes)

6. Moral Purity And Music (34 Minutes)

7. Consequences Of Immorality (34 Minutes)

8. The Development And Consequences Of Lust (27 Minutes)

9. Reasons To Walk In Moral Purity (43 Minutes)

10. What God Says About Homosexuality (52 Minutes)

11. The Nature Of Temptation (45 Minutes)

12. Fellowship And Overcoming Temptation (43 Minutes)

13. Dating And Western Culture (40 Minutes)

14. Eight Decisions Concerning Dating And Marriage (33 Minutes)

15. Forgiving Those Who Have Hurt You (43 Minutes)

16. Asking Forgiveness Of Those You Have Hurt (32 Minutes)

17. Developing A Close Fellowship With Jesus Christ (37 Minutes)

18. Attitude Essential For Happiness (36 Minutes)