Invite Wayne Wright To Lead A Seminar On:

"Grassroots Evangelism" Or "The Shroud Of Turin"

For Your Church Or Organization.

Grassrooots Evanglism Seminar

The Seminar will consist of three to six messages (to fit your schedule):

1. "The Need For Grassroots Evangelism" OR "Your Part In World Evangelism."

2. "Evangelism & Types Of Relationships" OR "Different Strokes For Different Folks."

3. "Evangelism & Principles Of Relationships" OR "Doing It Right!"

4. "Two Commands & Two Hindrances" OR "Orders And Obstacles"

5. "Starting A Conversation & The Use Of Questions"

6. "How To Implement The PRINT YOUR OWN BOOKS,Evangelism Project."

Wayne will be happy to come to any church or group of any size. You may call him at:

Wayne Wright
PO Box 486
Piedmont, Ok 73078
Office: 405-225-8897
Or email him at:

The Shroud Of Turin Seminar

Scope and Content of Presentation:

* Wayne begins by piecing together the history of the Shroud from the first century until today

* He then shows how science has moved from being the "enemy" of faith to being its greatest ally. It is now science that presents the greatest evidence for the literal, physical, historical fact of the resurrection

* He discusses the awesome power of forensic science and how it has been applied to investigating the Shroud

* He itemizes the scientific evidence that supports that the burial cloth originated in the Jerusalem area in the first century; that the image is not a painting nor a drawing; that the image is not man- made, nor is it a fraud of any kind

* He points out the peculiar characteristics of the image that uniquely fit ONLY the crucifixion of Jesus Christ

* He isolates and explains the discoveries that give evidence that the body whose image is on the Shroud did not stay in the Shroud, but mysteriously vanished from the Shroud

* His presentation clearly shows why the original carbon 14 dating showing that it was a 14th century artifact was faulty. He explores the evidence and the logic that show that the burial cloth dates in the first century, not the 14th

* Wayne goes over the scriptural teaching that shows that faith in the resurrection of Jesus is a central requirement of the gospel

* Wayne will use a Power Point presentation AND/OR use part or all of a professionally produced DVD. For one session: I will need a minimum of 90 minutes. For two sessions: I will need 30 to 45 minutes for the first and 90 minutes for the second

Equipment Requirements:

Large screen and microphone are needed. If host can provide a DVD player and projector that will be helpful, if not, I will bring my own. I must have a room dark enough for the viewing of projected material. This is important for quality viewing.


No set fee, but will receive a love offering. If a professionally produced DVD is used, I will need to add $1.50 per person to cover the public license fee that is required for compliance with copyright laws. Host is expected to assume all travel and lodging expenses.

Area of country available for speaking:

Wayne lives in the Oklahoma City area. Available to travel anywhere with an advanced notice.


Wayne Wright
PO Box 486
Piedmont, Ok 73078